Tuesday, August 26th, 1997 - #498

Guest: John Popper

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the band Blues Traveler

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  1. unclepenny

    It was a joke where the other band members were playing and they pretended it was Adam and Drew. Although Adam supposedly played the trumpet at a Save Ferris concert. I’ve been trying to get a video and audio bootleg of that show but the two people haven’t gotten back to me in a while.

  2. T3TRiS

    I am very impressed, I listen to the show the night before this and this he was just yapping as usual but he’s actually a real decent guitar player. This kind of changed my view of the man that is Adam “Ace” Carolla. That arpeggio when they were doing improv over the track was especially impressive.

    And I assure you, it is someone playing the guitar in studio for those who are doubting it and I doubt that it’s someone other than Adam since he’s quite humble about it. If it wasn’t him he would be going on about being a God, don’t you think? 🙂

  3. boomer

    Very good show. My favorite so far, and I have listened to a ton. Popper is the best guest i have heard. Whether or not it was actually Adam on the guitar is not so important to me, cause the music was good regardless. (I suspect it was not him, btw)

  4. inFRUITthe

    Love Jon Popper – he is a wonderful guest. It was obvious to me that Adam was faking the guitar in this episode but others I really thought Adam/Drew were actually jamming. Does anyone else know if any of those were real? I suspect Drew tickling the ivories was but whooooooooo knows? I feel kind of sad/disillusioned now but appreciate the joke.

  5. pastahero

    There’s more “real or fake?” discussion on the 1998-06-28 John Popper show page, but it wasn’t them. I’ve heard Adam say a few times over the years that he doesn’t play guitar.

  6. Kali

    This is def not ace rockolla on the axe. I think everyone is being sarcastic referring to him as humble because he’s obviously preening. Love the mix if Adam and Drew and John. He should have been a third guest like DAG or Andy Dick.

  7. Broham

    Kind of cool to hear Adam rocking out – he’s actually a pretty good musician. Not my favorite episode though, too much jamming and ass kissing between Adam and John

  8. MyMainManManayze

    If you think Ace is playing the guitar think about every other story he has ever told. Would his crappy parents have bought him a guitar? Would he have time between whacking off to the raft box to master an instrument?

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    Michael, M, 36

    Comedy impressionist. Pretty awful. Wondering if his impressions are "too much" for women. Everyone confused and annoyed.



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    Michelle, F, 23

    Had sex with best male friend, now he's distancing himself. She wants friendship back.

    friendship getting over someone


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    Stephanie, F, 23

    Little girl voice. Can't keep seem to keep a therapist. Gambling ensues. Issues with parents, trouble with relationships, virgin.

    abusive/absent father gambling (on the history of the caller) physical abuse by parent separating/divorcing parents virginity


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    John, M, 28

    Diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum. Wants to know if he'll ever develop an "immunity." Can be sexually transmitted.

    other STDs


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    John, M, 15

    Wants to know if homosexuality is hereditary. Found out dad is gay.

    homosexuality parenting/issues with children


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    Robin, F, 17

    Doesn't know is she's gay or not. Fantasies with best female friend. Didn't enjoy sex with men. Seems very confused.

    homosexuality phone sex


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    Judy, F, 30

    Husband likes porn, she wants to become more involved with it. Very troubled past. Dr. Drew suggests she probably won't like it.

    marriage other sexual activities sexual abuse by parent


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    Mary Ann, F, 19

    Cracked pelvic bone. Wants to know if it could be from too much or rough sex. Dr. Drew insists on thorough evaluation. Also, Hemorrhoids.

    other STDs


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    Caroline, F, 17

    Wants to have sex with BF but her mom doesn't want her to until she's 25. She seems pretty safe and prepared. Guys give her their blessing.

    birth control condoms virginity


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