Thursday, August 21st, 1997 - #495

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Adam talks about a rating system he designed to rate men and women. The four make categories are looks, personality, position (job), and sense of humor. Women's categories are body, face, personality, and ease to get along with. Ann and Sherry have a puss on after hearing all this.

Adam says to figure out if a girl is easy to get along with, you should take her to dinner. If simply orders something off the menu then she's easy to get along with. If she has to make up a crazy request for the chef to make, then she's probably a pain in the ass.

The first caller says she listens to the show "sometimes." Also her boyfriend works at Taco Bell.

Drew's score according to Adam is a 7.5 because of:

Looks: 8.5


Sense of Humor: 4

Position: 9

Overall (average of the 4): 7.5

Adams score is an 8.5 because of:

Looks: 8

Personality: 6.5

Sense of Humor: 10

Position: 8

Adam has engineer Mike shut everyone's mic off at one point. Producer Ann was in the middle of a sentence and gets cut off.

A snot nosed 14 year old has a 16 year old girlfriend. Adam wants to gamble on a caller but she spills the beans about her abuse.

A guy faxes the show to tell Producer Ann that she is a bitch. She gets pretty pissed off about it.

Adams says they'll have a "Nevada Maddam" on the show Sunday.

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Adam is actually a 8.25 but I am shocked he outranked Drew! Ann did sound like a bitch when she harped on why $$$ should be an additional factor in the ranking. I 100% agree with Adam that “Position in Life” covers off on this.

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    Darcy, F, 15

    Darcy's a virgin whose 17 y/o boyfriend of one month told her virgins can't get pregnant. He is quickly deemed a tard.

    dating pregnancy virginity


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    Beau, M, 28

    Beau got into a 1.5 year relationship with a depressed girl who had 3 abortions to rescue her. Beau is eventually deemed an idiot.

    abortion addiction depression marijuana/pot/weed separation/divorce


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    Nidha, F, 33

    Nidha's husband has Hep C. She wants to know about his long-term prognosis, whether she can get it, and whether his workplace made it worse.


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    Steve, M, 14

    Steve has a "skanky" 16 y/o girlfriend who wants to have sex. Adam advises the fact he called her skanky is a bad sign for the relationship.

    dating virginity


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    Heather, F, 23

    Heather picks bad guys. Gambling is deemed too easy. The reveal of a sexually abusive father surprises no one.

    sexual abuse by parent


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    April, F, 16

    April is in love with a 26 y/o who just got engaged to someone else. Also PRS discussion with a Producer Ann jump-in.

    age difference


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