Wednesday, April 23rd, 1997 - #409

Guest: INXS

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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In this short clip, Adam discusses toilet seat manners and the time he pissed into an ice machine. The INXS band members love to talk.

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  1. inFRUITthe

    INXS is a great guest. The show opens to a woman saying that she trained her parrot to sing an INXS song – wtf?!?! She said he wouldn’t do it on cue though – toooooooo bad – would have loved to hear that one. One of the band members also talks about how his junk was mangled for awhile because he got stuck on a wench? – ouch! Adam advises not to mention “micro surgery” when referencing his penis surgery.

  2. gojenson

    anyone have a full version? i remember taping this back in the day and the send caller was talking about he thought of his mom and his sister when he was masturbating.

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