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Message Board
Got something to say? Something not working right? Have an idea for the site? Want to contribute? Post a message!

If your question is answered in the FAQ, it won't be answered here. Want to contact us privately? Go here.
Post by spinfly on 8/15/2013 at 1:10am EDT:
Time to unveil the new Message Board! It's much bigger and better than what we have now, and I think it will help us build a real community here.

To go there, click the above link. The login for the site is not connected to the new message board, so you'll need to log in again with your username and password. Don't remember your password? Go to your user page and change it.

On the new message board, you'll see that all of our old messages have been ported over. For now, since most of our comments were comments or questions about using the site, all of our old posts have been dumped into "Site Issues" forum. In the coming days, our moderators will be busy moving everything where it's supposed to go.

This page will remain here for a little while, but you can no longer post here. All new content should appear on the new message board. Once all the kinks have been worked out, the new message board will become permanent.

Let us know what you think. Enjoy!
Post by empireofrain on 8/13/2013 at 6:32pm EDT:
Using Chrome, I can play a show from the beginning, but if I try to seek forward and play from a different time, it won't play.

Using firefox I can play from the beginning and seek, so I'll just use firefox for now.

Also, I LOVE the new progress bar. Whoever's idea that was is a genius. Most websites only change things when they do a huge overhaul and change everything, but this site works fine just the way it is. Improving that one thing without changing everything else is awesome.
Reply by spinfly on 8/13/2013 at 7:55pm EDT:
I find the behavior on the Mac to be exactly the opposite of what you describe. In any case, the difference is due to how the player interacts with media files in different browsers.

In both cases, the entire file must download to the point in the track you are seeking to before it starts to play. To begin playing in the middle of tracks (like YouTube and some other media sites) requires a streaming server, something that can get expensive and is not something I want to pay for out of my own pocket.

Progress bar? You mean the countdown timer?
Reply by empireofrain on 8/14/2013 at 8:23pm EDT:
That's weird. It's just it use to work in Chrome for me, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't work anymore. Maybe I need to install something?

And I mean the blue progress bar that shows where in the show you are. It's much longer now so it's easier to skip to the exact minute/second where you want to be (and I often have to stop mid show and come back to it later) so it's incredibly helpful.
Post by Colin on 8/12/2013 at 12:35pm EDT:
In the interest of helping to troubleshoot the problem rather than bitching and whining about it not working and demanding it be fixed, here are some details that may help with the broken 60 sec countdown timer, including one situation where it DOES work: First, the symptom is that the timer displays and begins counting down the moment you hit the play button. Then when the timer expires, you hit the play button and it immediately starts the countdown again. Unfortunately it seems to happen with every show, and so nothing is playable. This happens with consistent frequency on: iPhone5 with Safari. iPhone5 with Chrome. Samsung GS3 with built-in browser and Chrome. Windows7 with Chrome is also impacted. The one situation I've encountered where it DOES work as intended is Windows7 with IE 8. With this combo, I can play a show and not see the countdown timer. Then when I click to the next show without finishing the first and click play, I see the timer as expected. I wait for the timer to expire and it lets me play the show. So Win7 with IE8 is the only winner at this point. Someone should try a Mac and/or Firefox to further narrow down the problem.

It does not matter which internet connection you use, or whether or not you are coming from the same IP. I've tried it at work, at home, and on 3G/4G. These results are consistent. If there's anything else we can do to help troubleshoot, please advise so that we may alleviate our withdrawal. Get it on bitches.
Reply by spinfly on 8/12/2013 at 1:19pm EDT:
Thanks for the info, Colin. Looking into it.
Reply by spinfly on 8/12/2013 at 10:49pm EDT:
OK, I think I got it. Looks good on my end. Can you people take a look and let me know if it's fixed?
Reply by lordoftheview on 8/13/2013 at 5:22am EDT:
Heh. My self esteem is so low, I just assumed SpinFly was mad at me and that is why I couldn't play the episodes. Anyway, it's all working now for me. Chrome and Windows 7.
Post by guitardude324 on 8/13/2013 at 2:41am EDT:
Works great on my iPhone now and I've tested a few videos out with no hiccups. Thank you very much for the hardwork. I missed this show so much. I really appreciate the work you're doing on the site.
Post by Colin on 8/13/2013 at 1:48am EDT:
Hell yeah it's fixed. Gettin' my methodone as I type this. Spinfly u are loved by many.
Post by lordnewt on 8/12/2013 at 9:47pm EDT:
Nothing seems to work on Chrome. Streaming, but not downloading, works on IE8. Everything seems to work fine with Firefox. All Windows 7.

I love you and your fabulous website.
Post by Landlubber on 8/12/2013 at 7:42pm EDT:
Glad the shows are up and running again. For some reason it won't let me comment though. If I can't comment on Loveline episodes from over a decade ago, I'm gonna have to start doing actual work at work. And I HATE doing actual work at work. Please help me be less productive. Wait, hold on. *my boss just walked by and saw me typing away diligently and gave me a thumbs up. Year 2 and he still doesn't know I don't do shit here*
Reply by spinfly on 8/12/2013 at 9:15pm EDT:
Ah, I thought something was screwy there...

Made a configuration change for the new host. Should be fixed now.
Reply by Landlubber on 8/12/2013 at 9:31pm EDT:
Sweet it's working. Thanks!
Post by Heckerhamroast on 8/12/2013 at 1:23pm EDT:
Looks like its not just a bandwidth issue now!
Post by Broham on 8/12/2013 at 12:12pm EDT:
Also having trouble streaming. The counter warning shows up immediately and when it get's to zero it disappears and that pops up again. Running Chrome Version 28.0.1500.95 on OSX. No errors in the console.
Post by dpeters2 on 8/7/2013 at 11:59am EDT:
Yo! Looks like my favorite website is having troubles again :( Not letting me stream.
Reply by spinfly on 8/7/2013 at 12:04pm EDT:
Yep, good news everybody! My hosting provider has said that this site is dang too popular and I am going over my bandwidth limits.

Looking into a solution now. Might be a day or two before I have something figured out.
Reply by Broham on 8/7/2013 at 5:03pm EDT:
Oh no!!! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!
Reply by anil4real on 8/7/2013 at 5:44pm EDT:
I'd be happy to donate to help with bandwith if necessary...i can't survive at work without this!
Reply by spinfly on 8/7/2013 at 6:59pm EDT:
Apparently, it's not technically a bandwidth issue. It's a "traffic" issue. Seems that users are connecting to too many shows at once.

Might have to do something like limit users to listening to or downloading a max of 1 show per minute. That sound doable to you guys?
Reply by mssooz on 8/7/2013 at 7:13pm EDT:
I think that is more than reasonable! Please let us know if we can donate to help the server gain more traffic space :)
Reply by SirJag on 8/8/2013 at 1:48am EDT:
unfortunately i dont think they are able to accept donations of anykind because of issues with WW1 and LL and legal mumbo jumbo like that. As much as everyone would like to, i dont think its "legal". Maybe things have changed?
Reply by Broham on 8/8/2013 at 12:21pm EDT:
What about us paying your hosing provider directly on your behalf? Would that be a possible "donation loophole"?
Reply by Broham on 8/8/2013 at 12:24pm EDT:
Also, downloading 1 show per minute sounds totally reasonable.
Reply by spinfly on 8/8/2013 at 12:26pm EDT:
Wish we could accept donations, but that might get us canned. Working on it. Retain panties.
Reply by spinfly on 8/12/2013 at 3:04am EDT:
We're back!

Lots of new stuff to report...

First, traffic was becoming unacceptably high for my hosting provider.

2000 shows x 100 MB per show x 7000 registered users x who knows how many unregistered users = a LOT of traffic

Much of this traffic, unfortunately, came from users who were listening to just a few seconds of a show before jumping to the next one. Unfortunately, the server's not so smart about this. Once you start playing a show, the entire show is pulled from the server. Also, there were a few ass-clowns who were bulk-downloading shows. All of this caused my hosting provider to suspend my account until I got it fixed.

As a result, you'll see that when you play or download shows on the site, there is a warning if you try to do too much too quickly. For now, you now cannot play or download more than one show per minute. I think this is a reasonable time period, and if you are using the site like a normal person, it shouldn't impact your enjoyment at all.

Realize that these measures was necessary to continue to offer you all this great content for free. :)

Second, with this new preventative measure in place, I got rid of captcha for download. Gonna see how that goes. Do I hear cheering?

Third, I'm putting together a new, much more robust message board for the site that will allow us to conversate a lot more intelligently. This hack job that I put together is a pain-in-the-ass for everyone.

And fourth, we're coming up with a new look and feel for the site. After dealing with a bunch of flakes, I finally got a dedicated, quality designer on board to help with this. Things are gonna look pretty slick when we're all done with it. Stay tuned.

Please enjoy! I gave up a better part of my weekend to get all this done. :)
Reply by Broham on 8/12/2013 at 10:41am EDT:
Kick ass! Thank you!
Post by please gio on 8/12/2013 at 8:04am EDT:
counter never ends im on my laptop cant play any shows at all. i support the feature if it would work correctly.
Reply by spinfly on 8/12/2013 at 8:46am EDT:
Laptop... Need more details so that I can try to reproduce it.
Reply by justinc on 8/12/2013 at 10:31am EDT:
Im having similar problems while using chrome browser on a desktop. it seems like 1/10 "clicks" results in a successful stream, with the other 9 resulting in me waiting for a minute.
Reply by justinc on 8/12/2013 at 10:34am EDT:
Im having similar problems while using chrome browser on a desktop. it seems like 1/10 "clicks" results in a successful stream, with the other 9 resulting in me waiting for a minute.
Post by guitardude)324 on 8/12/2013 at 7:51am EDT:
It will not let me stream from a mobile device. Counter keeps coming up continuously even after I've waited 60 seconds.

Site is completely useless on mobile but I have no trouble on a computer. Please fix this, I use my mobile device for 99.9% of use.
Reply by spinfly on 8/12/2013 at 8:46am EDT:
Mobile device... Need more details so that I can try to reproduce it.
Reply by guitardude324 on 8/12/2013 at 10:06am EDT:
I'm using an iPhone 5 up to date software.
I hop on the website using Safari, I pick an episode, and the countdown begins right when the page loads. When the countdown ends, I press play and the countdown just starts again rinse/repeat.

I picked the #1 rated episode (Patton Oswall etc.), although this works with other episodes.

Never had this issue before. I've tried it today on 3G, LTE and Wifi and got the same results.
Reply by Keelay on 8/12/2013 at 10:27am EDT:
Having the same problem on my iPhone 4 as well.
Post by Thibaut on 8/12/2013 at 9:33am EDT:
Does someone have full recordings of shows with Green Day ?
Post by Heckerhamroast on 8/10/2013 at 11:59pm EDT:
I need my fix man!
Post by kmmoore on 8/10/2013 at 9:47pm EDT:
just sell ads for penis enlargement cream on the site and buy more bandwidth. problem solved!
Post by Broham on 8/9/2013 at 3:36pm EDT:
Back in business!!! Anyone know where my panties ended up?
Reply by Broham on 8/9/2013 at 3:41pm EDT:
May have spoke too soon, it cut off at 2 mins :(
Post by Jesse on 8/8/2013 at 3:30pm EDT:
my panties have hit the floor!! kicking myself for not putting more on my iPod. this website is the only way I can make it through the work day lol.
Post by Jesse on 8/8/2013 at 12:32pm EDT:
hey one of you mods, send me an email, I might be able to help at least a little
Post by mt7187 on 8/2/2013 at 2:48pm EDT:

THANK YOU for all your hard work on this site. Being able to listen to old Loveline episodes and hear Carolla in his prime is a lifesaver in my daily commute. Unfortunately I have been unable to download any files for the past day or two. I am prompted to enter the security code, I enter it successfully, and then I have about 2 minutes of loading before the file download "completes." However, it only downloads 4KB and so the file is unplayable. I've tried this with several different episodes and I'm having the same result each time. Any ideas?

Reply by spinfly on 8/2/2013 at 2:50pm EDT:
It's not you, it's me.

Problems with our hosting provider today. Hang tight, should be resolved shortly.
Reply by dpeters2 on 8/2/2013 at 3:29pm EDT:
Yea Its not letting me stream either. Will it be back up today?

Thanks spinfly
Reply by spinfly on 8/2/2013 at 3:34pm EDT:
Should be, but I can't tell you when, exactly. It's out of my hands.
Reply by taylorsmithereens on 8/7/2013 at 10:12am EDT:
Ugh, still noticing issues with downloading.
Reply by spinfly on 8/7/2013 at 10:14am EDT:
Yep, good news everybody! My hosting provider has said that this site is dang too popular and I am going over my bandwidth limits.

Looking into a solution now. Might be a day or two before I have something figured out.
Post by Dinsmore16 on 8/2/2013 at 2:50am EDT:
Hey guys, I was just wondering if there is any way to listen to episodes from the past 8 years since Adam left the show?
Reply by Dinsmore16 on 8/2/2013 at 3:59am EDT:
Or Adam's KLSX morning show?
Reply by lordoftheview on 8/2/2013 at 5:10am EDT:
You can get post 2005 Loveline shows via the official Loveline website. I'm not sure about the KLSX show.
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