ive been listening to loveline for a good 3 years...

When did you discover Loveline? How has it helped you?

ive been listening to loveline for a good 3 years...

Postby reky » Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:06 pm

ive been listening to loveline for a good 3 years now, i first stumbled on some rant of adams on you tube and found it entertaining, after watching about a dozen i looked loveline and this site came up and lets just say i think ive listened to at least a good 300+ shows, Ok so a rather short and summarized recap of my life ; bon in a very heavily dysfunctional family , my dad has manic depression and bi polar and would constantly abuse me and y sister emotionally and hurt us physically , chased around with knives and what not , my mom got very sick when i was around 4 with systemic lupus and i had to see her collapse on the floor a bunch of times , she was a very good mother and luckily im not a total fuck up today is because of the nurturing she provided, she even took work in the last stages of her illness so that she could help provide. She died when i was 12 , I'm 22 now , when she died my dad just got boarded out of work and just became apathetic, squandering whatever pension or heritance he got from his parents on lavish gifts for himself, my sister and i basically had to raise ourselves from the ages of 10 onwards , my sister turned out fine, she escaped the chaos of home by going out a lot , i did the same , i had 2 close friends who i saw everyday and would frequently spend days in a row at my buddies house , my dad got into this internet dating and getting drunk eveyday, bascically became insulated from reality even more deeply, when i was 15 he dragged me to go to australia because he met some messed up married woman with 3 children, anyway these guys where the definition of nuts and one of the daughters ended up accusing me of violating her, she was a year younger than me and took a liking to me and wouldnt leave me alone, when this girls father found out he asked her to press charges so i had to go through THAT ordeal, anyway i come back home and my dad sold the house due to the debts he amounted and i was far away from my friends, i would see them every couple of months, i began playing online games because my future looked very bleak, my dad didn't pay for my exams so i left halfway through my last school year because it wasn't worth it , i developed severe nodular acne which made me very reserved and with no future i basically didn't do anything except play online until i was 20, i took some odd jobs here and there which lasted a week at most , i thought of working such menial jobs for the rest of life brought me down, i didn't feel entitled to wealthy life, i just thought i deserved a better chance, anyway i was forced into getting a job 2 years ago and eventhough i kept getting severe severe anxiety attacks during work i stuck to it , i listened to these shows as often as i could and Adam and Drew taught me a lot about life and people , after listening enough i decided to address my issues and went to see a psychiatrist and a therapist and slowly but surely i began to take the appropiate tests, it wasn't easy these last two years have been tough and it took A LONG time for me to get better, i even ended up getting addicted to benzos that i was prescribed and i had a feeling i would ; when he gave me the presciption i recalled Dr Drew saying something about how people who werent given a proper upbringing a part of the brain called and the anterior cingulate gyrus is underdeveloped so when people take these types of drugs it makes that part of the brain lights, anyway two years on im still working reception at this job and studying accounts part time , i work 60 hours a week and i work nights so when it gets quiet after 1 am i just study till the end of my shift , girls have been noticing me lately , i feel better than i have in a very long time, This show has taught me very good moral principles and has quite frankly , saved my life, I will forever be indebted to both Drew and Adam whom by the way might just be the funniest most intuitive person in the world.

Sorry for going on such a long tangent.
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Re: ive been listening to loveline for a good 3 years...

Postby spinfly » Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:26 am

Wow. Glad we could help. :)
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