Loveline changed my life man. Here's how: Was a 23 year...

When did you discover Loveline? How has it helped you?

Loveline changed my life man. Here's how: Was a 23 year...

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 13, 2012 4:37 am

Loveline changed my life man. Here's how:

Was a 23 year old virgin who used to draw a lot and would listen to loveline constantly while I drew. I also had this insane unrealistic crush on this girl for multiple years, like 5 or so. I thought i was smarter than all the callers, and then one day I imagined myself calling and asking why no girls liked me and I realized what they'd say to me, That i'm just scared and making excuses, plus I'm a loser who lives at his parents house. Plus, I'm delusional about this dream girl, she's just a friend. So that year, based on both Adam's "number theory," Drew and Adam's advice that girls are attracted to confident guys that are desired by other women, and Adam's advice to people who called in and wanted to be an artist or a musician or comedian or whatever "keep your head down and work hard and work for free if you love what you do, that's the only way to succeed."

With all this knowledge, I made a crazy intense new years resolution where I would both finally get laid by increasing my number, eventually win over my dream girl, as well as get the job I wanted, which was being a cartoonist. These things were sort of intertwined, because the more successful I was the more my number went up. So I did it, I got laid by March (and several times later that year with different girls), and by the end of the year, through tons of hard work, I was accepted into the number one animation school in the country: Calarts. Since then, I've also worked at Pixar and currently am creative director at Disney. Also, by this point my number had increased substantially and now me and dream girl have been dating multiple years and are thinking about getting married.

It wasn't love line alone, I had a lot of help from my friends, and family, and it took a lot of hard work on my end. But Loveline really got the ball rolling and informs my life philosophy to this day! I'm still drawing and listening to love line, only now i'm getting paid for it, I don't live at my parents house, and i'm gonna go home to the girl of my dreams.

Thanks Loveline! (I hope Adam and Drew read this somehow)


Re: Loveline changed my life man. Here's how: Was a 23 year...

Postby spinfly » Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:50 am

Wow, that is freakin' great. Thanks for this. Congratulations!
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Re: Loveline changed my life man. Here's how:Was a 23 year..

Postby AmishComputerUser » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:09 pm

That is a great story.

I like Adam and Drew's "number theory". It isn't "right", it isn't the way it should be, but one of the things that made Adam and Drew great is they didn't focus on the way things should be, they focused on what reality is. Drew once said that mental health means accepting reality on its terms. I personally spent too much time focused on the way things should be rather than how they are, and a lot of my life's years were wasted as a result. While my sense of right and wrong haven't changed, I now understand the world a little bit better, and that's partially because of Adam and Drew's number theory.

As much as I like the number theory, I thought Adam put it even better in an episode. When it came to a guy having a difficult time finding dates, he used a business analogy, saying (I'm paraphrasing) don't worry about marketing, worry about putting out a quality product.
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