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    First, let me say I love the new site, and I’m so happy it’s back!

    I’m working my way through all of the 1998 shows, and I hear many segments repeated. The show will progress, and all of the sudden repeat 5-15 minutes of an earlier part of the show. This has been happening in about 75% of the shows in 1998.

    I generally download them to my phone, perhaps it’s an issue with downloading?

    Anyone else have this problem?

    The next time this happens, I’ll make note of the episode and where the repeats are and post back.


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    Part of the problem here is that some folks (me included) were a little sloppy when recording shows on our tape decks, and sometimes the end of a show would run over the beginning of another show on the same tape, or we would get a little sloppy with labeling and things would get mixed up. I’m thinking this kind of sloppy recording is responsible for 90% of the repeated segments you’re hearing.

    I leave it to @giovanni or other archivists to sort out which segments belong to which shows and to help us get things properly organized around here.

    Maybe you can help by starting a log of which shows have repeated segments so that we can go back and take a closer look?

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    Yeah there are lots of problems with repetition, very little is caused by the original tapers. Spinfly’s tapes were some of the most pristine, sometimes missing content but almost 0 screw ups.

    I’ve been remastering all of Loveline now that we have so many sources (2 or more per show in most cases) I have completely remastered all of 1997 and 1998, but 97 and some of 98 were done for Podcastone with Podcastone ads and lower audio quality.

    I want to get all of my 1998 shows up here on the site and then go back and re-re-re-remaster the shows done for Podcastone.
    Here is my current RSS feed, this has all of my latest work 98-99, once I get instructions or a method to start uploading and replacing files I will start, though it would help to get someone assisting with the work, I’m already maxed out with over 16hrs per day transferring tapes and editing shows.

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