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    A recent episode of This Life Podcast (, hosted by Dr. Drew and Bob Forest, featured former Loveline engineer Anderson Cowan. For those of us who aren’t “insiders”, many revelations were made:

    – Mike Catherwood was miserable as co-host of the show and wanted out;

    – Kevin Weatherly, Program Director for Loveline, was pissed off about how Mike announced that he was leaving the show. Apparently Weatherly told Mike not to show up for the final show which instead featured Carolla;

    – Dr. Drew claims that he too had been complaining for over 2 years about how the show was being run. However, this must have been behind closed doors as I cannot recall one time when Drew complained about the show on the air. As a side note, his wife was also on the podcast with Anderson and was clearly unimpressed that Drew wasn’t getting paid. Just before Loveline came to an end, Drew appeared on the Kevin & Bean show ( and revealed that he had not been getting paid “for a couple of years”;

    – Anderson reiterates that he has hundreds of pounds of archive material locked up somewhere (I presume he means old Loveline show recordings which are likely the source of Classic Loveline podcasts). However, he said that the podcast was in limbo due to the fact that the rights owner is unclear (although we already knew this).

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    Thanks for the post. That’s some interesting information. It’s surprising that drew did that show AGAIN unpaid for a couple of years. I’m kind of surprised that he didn’t move on years ago though he always said that he saw the show as a public service.

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    1 pt

    I listened to the podcast. I was hoping they would go in to details as to why Drew wasn’t getting paid any more, but they just didn’t. The show itself was making money. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t have been on the air. Drew was entitled to his cut. When they cut his pay, he really should have left…or threatened to leave. I’m sure that would have got the showrunners opening their wallets. Now, they ALL lost their jobs.

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    Any Chance of Gettting the Last Episode?

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    @dakawan wrote:

    Any Chance of Gettting the Last Episode?

    Yes, it was posted to YouTube:

    Also, someone had a cellphone livestreaming the show on Facebook. The first 30 seconds has horrible audio but it definitely improves after that:

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    drew workin for free?
    nuts, he is way too nice.
    “somebody dropped a nickel” my ass

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