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    WTF. I was intermittently experiencing the problem before but things are great for me now.

    Can you try clearing your cache and reloading the site?

    Anyone else?

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    Yup. No luck. Oh well.

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    And now it’s working again. I can’t explain it, but yay.

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    I have this problem on my laptop at home. I thought it was just my lousy ATT 1.5 meg DSL connection since it happens on IE and firefox.

    unrelated: One suggestion to your bandwidth issue, if you haven’t solved it, would be contacting a local ISP or datacenter. maybe you could setup a file server there without the restrictions that larger hosts place on your bandwidth utilization.

    Good luck and many thanks.

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    I haven’t found any place that has no true bandwidth restrictions. Some places advertise unlimited bandwidth, but then when you start using a lot of it, they send you a stupid email saying something like “Yes, your bandwidth is unlimited but you are using too many CPU cycles…” or something like that. Bait and switch.

    If you find a service that has true unlimited bandwidth, let me know.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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