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    Anybody else having the same issue ? Can’t download either.

    Hopefully they’re working on this server issue.

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    yeah, its been happening sporadically though for the last couple weeks. (to stream) I try hitting the play button and it looks like its loading for half a second and then goes back to normal and nothing plays.

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    Hey everyone,

    Just got this message from HostGator, my host for

    It has come to our attention that your site and/or file is consuming more than 25% of the total network connection to the server. Due to this high usage we have disabled access to your /recordings directory.

    Although we do not limit the amount of bandwidth that sites consume over a period of a month, high or excessive consumption causes issues for other clients on the same server thus effecting services, such as apache, mysql, exim, etc..

    I find it strange that they do not limit bandwidth, yet they say I am using too much bandwidth.

    The last time I got a warning like this from them, I created a system which limits users to 1 download a minute. That worked fora while, but I guess we’re so damn popular that not even this measure is enough to keep down bandwidth. Gonna have to think about what to do next…

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    Host Gator is awful. Numerous clients of mine have moved away from them.

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    Yeah no shows have been playing for me either. Work sucks without loveline

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    I’ve got $20 for the hosting bill. Let’s do this, people. Everybody chip in. Save

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    OK, so it turns out that the users who are accessing the show files and using up tremendous amounts of bandwidth are users who were not logged in.

    While I’ve been able to leave things wide open for anyone to access the shows, I have to lock it down so that only logged in users can listen to or download the shows. There’s no other easy way for me to regulate user bandwidth.

    Any .htaccess experts out there?

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    I’m logged in now and I am still not getting the shows to stream on my iPhone 5 using Safari.

    It tried on my PC however and it worked. But, is there anyway to get it to work on my iPhone? Cause I usually listen to this in the car.

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    Doesn’t work on Safari (logged in)

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    Yeah I’m logged in and I still can’t play any shows.

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    I am still having problems:

    Using Firefox on my laptop, logged in: Works
    Using Safari on my iPhone, logged in: Doesn’t play (same issue)

    Let me know if you need to raise money to cover server fees, happy to contribute.

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    Same here, been using my phone (android v4.2.2) without even being logged in and it has been working fine for a week. Suddenly this morning I try to play a show and it doesn’t work; the play button instantly returns to its original state after I press it. I press it again and it says I need to wait because of the bandwidth…I wait for the timer, hit play, and again nothing. Logged in or not doesn’t matter.

    Tested jplayer on my phone and everything is good ( Nothing on my phone was updated since yesterday.

    When I log in on my PC (windows7, any browser) it works though.

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    I can’t play it logged in from my iPad. If I can’t listen to Loveline, guess I’ll just kill myself…

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    I’ve found a substitute while the site is down. iTunes store has a podcast of old 1996 episodes just weeks after Adam took on full hosting duties with Dr. Drew. You can even listen to Rick’s last show. The Podcast is called “Classic Loveline”

    Adam sounds very energetic compared to the 2001 episodes when I started listening.

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    Keep your pants on, everybody. I am still working with my hosting service to resolve bandwidth issues. I’ll report back here when I get things fixed.

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