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    Usually what happens is this – I click on the download link for an individual show and then up at the top of my browser in the address field, it switches from to some weird ip address stuff and either the screen goes blank or there is total craziness. I have tried different browsers. I have also made sure I have the most recent version of flash, is that matters.

    here is an example of what the address field says after I click on a link:

    Anyone have any ideas?

    FYI I for one would be totally happy paying for each show if I could reliably download them.

    Oh yeah, I should also say that for some reason when there is an error, I still have to wait one minute to try and download a different show, because the site thinks I am actually downloading the one that wouldn’t download! Also….if I want to just play the shows and not download them, they all seem to work just fine!! But this doesn’t do me any good for reasons that are too complicated to go into

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    I can’t reproduce this issue. Can you upload a screenshot somewhere so we can see the problem?

    FYI, we would be totally happy taking your money for each show if we were allowed to.

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    ok i think this link will work

    this is what usually happens when i click on the download mp3 link for an individual show.

    also fyi I’m using a macbook pro, 10.10.4, safari but i have used a bunch of other browsers too with the same problem 🙂

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    fyi things working a lot better today…still don’t know if it was my computer, the site, or a combination of the two! thanks

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