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    I love LL obviously, and I think Adam is great. But one thing I absolutely hated is when he put all the “juniors” in front of “Producer Lauren” in an attempt to get a laugh. It was SO unfunny. I knew of no one who thought it was funny, and I can’t recall anyone else in the studio laughing. This was just horrible. What made it worse is that Adam wouldn’t accept that this wasn’t funny, and kept futilely trying to make it work.

    Is there anyone here who thought that was funny? Anyone at all?

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    I loved it!!!!! Always though it was funny, especially after her remarks from when they guys had a chat with the crew asking what they’d learnt from working with them throughout the years. I always liked Adams bit on Dear friends also…….dear, dear, dear, dear, dear friend of the show.

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    I never thought it was funny when Adam would shit on any of the workers of the show. I don’t think Anderson, Jr Producer Lauren, Drew, Engineer Chris, Anne or even Susan had tirades leveled against them in the guise of jokes. Adam was just mean. Fortunately it wasn’t all that common.

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