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    Does anyone think Adam is racist with some of his comments or is it him just being an asshole?
    I have heard comments from him about minorities in a negative light.
    I believe it was Gwen Stefani from No Doubt who got offended about a 7-Eleven Indian comment.
    He has also said something about African Americans need to find men who will stick around to raise their kids or something like that….

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    Adam understands comedy, and he’s comfortable enough that he will say anything he thinks is funny, and he doesn’t care if it rubs a few people the wrong way. In fact, I happen to believe that it only makes something funnier knowing that there are people out there who will get offended by it. That being said, I don’t believe he really wants to offend anyone, but he doesn’t let it stop him from saying something hilarious.

    He’s also very opinionated and can make broad statements and generalizations that some people take offense to, not just about race but other groups of people as well. But if you listen to what he’s saying, you can tell he’s just stating observations that he’s made, not trying to fit people into pre-conceived notions, unless it’s for a joke.

    Basically, Adam expects you to use some degree of intelligence when you listen to him and be able to sort out the jokes from the opinions and to listen to what he’s actually saying, and he doesn’t bother trying to dumb it down or worry about people’s knee-jerk reactions.

    All that being said, I think it’s human nature for everyone to be a little racist in some way, and I’d rather people speak openly and honestly about their thoughts and feelings than everyone going around pretending it doesn’t exist and trying to avoid saying anything that might make someone uncomfortable.

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    I think by the definition of what a lot of people would consider to be racist then yeah, Adam is. Although I don’t agree.

    He’s also what a lot of people would call sexist or any number of other “ists.”

    I think we’ve just built ourselves into this society where once you open your mouth and say anything disparaging about someone different from you, all of a sudden you’re a bigot, regardless of the context.

    I’ve never considered Adam to be any of those things. I always took his jokes and comments as just funny observations about people. Yes, sometimes those jokes are a little in bad taste and sometimes they’re playing on stereotypes but I’ve always felt that stereotypes exist for a reason and we all KNOW people who fit those stereotypes perfectly.

    I mean, a lot of people are probably offended when Adam says that teenage girls are dumb and not one of them knows what their dad does for a living but after about the 5,000th 16 year old girl calls up and has no clue what her dad does for a living do we still have a right to be offended by it?

    Or when Adam jokingly guesses that the drug addicted, heroin addict, ex convict who got the caller pregnant is “uhhhh. JEW, right?” …. can we still get offended?

    The Adam years were always a little edgy and they/he got in trouble on more that one occasion for something he said but by and large I don’t think a lot of what he said was really meant to be taken as a sweeping generalization of ALL black people or ALL women or ALL Asians, etc.

    I can never remember Adam going off on a serious rant about how “All black people do this” or “All women do that,” etc. The closest instance that comes to mind is the infamous Hawaii rant and we all know how that worked out for him. To me, it was always a pointed observation about whatever group he was talking about that day and I think what saved him by and large was the fact that he DIDN’T discriminate and observed the flaws and stereotypes of all populations- basically the same argument that kept South Park on the air forever. Also, lets be honest, Adam disparaged no one more than himself and his own family. His frank admissions of boozing, masturbation, laziness, etc never painted a picture as someone that deserved adulation or emulation. He certainly never seriously held himself up as a role model.

    So I get how some people take offense to what he says but I don’t think of him as racist, no.

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    1 pt

    The last two responses are two of the best posts I have ever read on the internet, ever. It feels good to be amongst like-minded people. I just wish this board were more active so I could enjoy it more.

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    Jeez, thank you!

    Lot of pressure to live up to it now 😀

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    1 pt

    I have always believed, and always will believe, that racism is defined by one’s actions. I have never seen or heard of Adam doing anything that could be considered “racially motivated” by any reasonable-thinking person.

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    its hard to grow up in socal without at least a little resentment of mexicans. they are 50% of the population…

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