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    The news broke today that Dr. Drew’s TV show was cancelled. This coming not too long after the last-ever Loveline. This compelled me to rant a bit, and this seemed like the best place to do it because maybe in two or three years, some obscure Loveline fan will stumble upon this thread and maybe be able to relate (this board isn’t even a fraction as active as I feel it really should be).

    I love Loveline, hence my presence here. For many years I had a great respect for both Adam and Drew. I still listen to and enjoy the LL shows on my commute to and from work, so I don’t have to listen to obnoxious morning radio DJ’s that Adam so accurately parodied.

    But, in what I consider the post-LL years (as far as I am concerned, the show died when Adam left), I have lost a great deal of respect for both Adam and Drew.

    Adam is now on that show Catch a Contractor (or was. I don’t know. It isn’t back, but no announcement was made about it being cancelled), which is billed as “reality” but is clearly partially fictionalized. To me, this constitutes fraud, and I’m disappointed that Adam would allow himself or his name to be part of such a venture.

    Drew’s “On Call” or whatever it was was Drew basically being a talking head, engaging in righteous indignation. Drew was acting, and expressing opinions, that were in stark and direct contrast to the Drew I spent my entire 20’s listening to five nights a week. I could stomach about two episodes before I just couldn’t watch any more.

    Adam was always a vocal critic of the Hollywood machine, and Drew always seemed to agree with his take about Hollywood. Now, they’re both part of the problem they spent a decade tirading against. To put it simply, they both sold out. I’m very disappointed in both of them, but what compounds my disappointment is that I can’t figure out why. By the time Adam left Loveline, both these guys had marketable names and sizable bank accounts. They didn’t need to sell out. They could have kept being themselves, and Adam would still be “literally a millionaire”.

    I still love LL, but now I must make a conscious effort to “separate the art from the artist”, as it were…though I always thought LL was more science than art.

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