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    After 30 years of Loveline Dr. Drew has called it quits. Adam will be co-hosting with Drew to end the run on April 28th.

    Sure, I stopped listening after Adam left in 2005 but I have called the show twice since then and have spoken to Drew with great advice given.
    Anyone else going to tune in?

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    Will be a sad day…..I will def be checking it out. I’m glad Adam will be joining Drew for the last show. Adam and drews chemistry is what made loveline such a great and unique show.

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    Really haven’t been listening to shows post Adam-era but I’ve been following what’s going on with the show and once Mike left I could kinda tell it was gonna be the end for Loveline.
    Luckily I managed to call in from Europe in January and speak with Drew! It was surreal since I listen to him and Adam for hours every day.

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    Can this episode be found anywhere? I sometimes listen to their podcasts, Its just as good as LL just not quite the same.

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    @scoop2622 Yes, there’s a video version on YouTube (but it has terrible audio) – https://youtu.be/PBBQaOSSxFs

    I partnered up with a listener on Reddit and made mp3 files of the final 2 weeks of shows (all except for the April 11th episode) available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/0B2h0-m7pa8xnWTdBaksxT1JyeHc

    Sadly, the guy who was recording the shows from the KROQ livestream had an internet outage and we never did find anyone who had recorded the show that night.

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