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    I got burnt out on ACS, wandered over to Stern but was bummed out by the so-called ‘semi-retirement’/AGT talk and rekindled my love for Ace with the help of your site. I’m 21 so every episode I listen to that I haven’t heard in the past several months is new to me. No one in my life knows just how much I listen. I listen when I wake up, in the shower, while getting ready for work, when I come home from work, when I’m petting Smokey (my pet cat). I do, however, pause the show while I’m masturbating. Luckily I’ve abstained from downloading a single mp3 because I don’t have a portable music player at the moment which might just be a blessing in disguise. According to my profile I’ve listened to ten episodes in the last two days. If that’s obsession, which it very well may be, grab the butterfly net because I don’t want to change. Thank you for doing what you do. Really. The life lessons from The Good Doctor is washed down quite nicely by the comedic talents of Mayonnaise. The fact that they reverse roles quite often is the icing on the pie. You can trust me when I tell you that I am eternally grateful, no need for a dime for scale on my heart. Good times.

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    Thanks for pausing.

    Enjoy the site!

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